About Us

The examiners of DERA Forensic Group have a solid foundation in the field of computer forensics.  The examiners come from the law enforcement field with many years of experience.  What this means for the client is that our examiners bring not only their  technical knowledge but also their investigative experience. 

In addition to extensive forensic training, DERA Forensic Group's examiners and trainers hold the title Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) through the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).   

Computer Forensics has often been described as a combination of art and science.  The examiners at DERA Forensic Group have the knowledge to recover the data, and the experience needed to interpret it. 

We are not "point and click" examiners looking for that "find all evidence button" to complete our objectives.  We take pride in understanding the operating systems and file systems that we specialize in.  Our choices in forensic software become then a matter of increasing our efficiency and productivity.  We lead the tool to our findings, the tool does not lead us. 

From the start of a forensic examination, our examiners realize  that their work may be scrutinized by members of the legal system.  Our methods of acquisition and examination, our handling of evidence, and our reporting of the findings are designed to  be accepted by the courts.