DERA Forensic Group, LLC is a Michigan-based company located in the Metro-Detroit Area that specializes in the examination and analysis of digital media, commonly referred to as computer forensics.

Whether you are a Human Resource Executive needing to secure a termination of employment, an attorney needing E-Discovery services, or an organization needing data recovery services, DERA Forensic Group, LLC can meet your needs.

In addition to forensic services, DERA Forensic Group, LLC provides training in the collection and examination of digital evidence. Using Linux as a forensic computing platform, the courses offered by DERA Forensic Group, LLC prepare individuals and organizations to examine digital evidence in a forensically sound and cost effective manner.

As amended May 28, 2008, Michigan law now requires that forensic examiners be licensed as Professional Investigators.  DERA Forensic Group, LLC is a licensed Professional Investigator Agency (License No. 3701205581) as regulated by the Professional Investigator Licensure Act 285 of 1965.

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Course Details - Online Social Networking held at USSS NCFI on November 29 through December 2, 2016

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